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Of course I went to Starbucks for a copy of the New York Times… I found maybe one title that related to food or connecting people. Disappointed, I opened the New York Time’s homepage in the search for my article. Since I visit their site often, I quickly navigated to the bottom of the page looking for Read more


As I step into my senior year in the University of Michigan, I have decided to follow my dreams and continue exploring my passions for food and people. I am Jenny and welcome to Sashimi and Rice. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family in Zambia, our news resources were quite restricted as my family only subscribed to one Chinese channel, CCTV-4 that have hourly news reports. I hated watching that because the news were not customizable and very repetitive. In addition, being in a developing country, our access to the Internet was also very limited, therefore, I really think that I have lived under the rock until right before I came to the US where Internet access became more available to us.

Since then, my media consumption has been largely dependent on the Internet. I never developed a habit of watching TV as I think that scheduling time to fit in TV is kind of ridiculous. The more mainstream news outlets that I follow are BBC and New York Times. Changes to my media consumption are mostly starting to use my iPhone more. For example, now I have BBC and NY Time phone apps that allows me to read whenever and wherever. Apart from general affairs, I am passionate about food and the Food and Beverage industry so I have Google alerts for desserts, bakeries, food, and restaurants that aggregate related news for me and pops into my inbox. I also follow food bloggers, recipe developers, and different food websites such as Pinch of YumSerious Eats and Bon Appetite Magazine.

Over the summer, I have decided to start systematically develop recipes of my own by trial and error. My Instagram is currently my biggest focus in terms of social media and news creation. I think it is a great platform for people who share similar interests by sharing #hashtags. I also believe that pictures tell a thousand words, and Instagram lets me do exactly that. You can follow my Instagram @jelloooojen . Most of the images I post are the food I make or pictures of food I eat.

My first attempt at making Palmiers – the French name for Elephant ears.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.45.55 PM

These are berry tarts with a vanilla almond crust and mascarpone cheese filling topped with berries

My parents still live in Zambia and they still mostly rely on watching TV to get news that happen around the world and locally.

For this blog, I want to focus on how food bring people. More specifically, I want to explore the different kind of relationships people develop over food  and why food is almost necessary for social gatherings. I think this topic is interesting because food culture is so big right now and there is a surge of foodies out there. Food is also always present during gatherings for professional or social purposes and I think that is also interesting to explore.