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How Yoga taught me how to breathe and changed the way I run and eat This story is more lifestyle oriented. I wanted to share how much change I felt after doing only 1 month of yoga regularly. It was more than physical change. Outline:  Why/how I started doing yoga + my activity level What happened Read more


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Why I started buying in bulk and why you should too How yoga changed the way I run and eat 10 Struggles when cooking for one person Cooking and food classes to take for the foodies in Ann Arbor Non-typical activities for the Ann Arbor foodies Why you should cook at home more The essential tools for Read more


Why I started buying in bulk and why you should toofeatured

I got introduced to buying bulk by a friend who is a loyal member at the People’s Food Co-op in Ann Arbor. The People’s Food Co-op is a member owned grocery store along with a cafe that serves fresh coffee, pastries, salads and hot food every day. They stock local, natural and organic options in every Read more