To online comment section, I vote yesfeatured

I hereby argue against the motion “Online comment section does more harm than good”

Firstly, I believe that the online comment section engages the readers and enhances two-way communication that develops a community. We have moved passed the Mass age when information is only monological – one direction- to dialogical communication – two way communication where current development of technologies facilitate the flow of interactive meaning creation (Gergen, 2002). This means that the audience are active participants of news reporting through having the ability to comment and share the news they consume. Through the online comment section, audiences can voice their ideas, thoughts, opinions, even if they don’t agree with the news or media they read. This creates a proliferation of ideas which promotes Freedom of speech.

Secondly, I think that with the possibility of interactive communication, people who are not in the same physical location can share and build on top of each other’s ideas. For example, a blog that I personally follow, that curates recipes, articles on methods of cooking and cooking utensils, users user the online comment section to share their experiences with the recipe that the developer or author has shared and have taked about how they have changed or adapted the recipe to their own preference .Surely there are negative comments from now and then, but majority of the comments are positive. To illustrate:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.13.25 PM.png

This allows people to interact with the authors and for platforms where users are sharing experiences for other users to learn and build upon. Through interactions, the conversations that are particularly interesting may move from online comment sections to other forms of communication to be more in-depth. Instagram Direct messaging feature allows users to message the people they follow or got into conversation to make it more private. But the online comment engagement was the basis for these conversations to begin.

Thirdly, online comment sections makes it easier for people to tag others they think that may be interested in the article. On platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, users can easily tag others in the comment to catch their attention to a specific post that may be interesting. For example, if one user sees a post on ISIS of particular importance, he/she may tag a friend who is an advocate for this issue with (@nameoftheperson) which then can show up as a notification on the friend’s devices and have immediate attention.

Therefore, I believe that online commenting sections does more good than harm.

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