10 headlines I would totally write for Spoonfeatured

  1. Why I started buying in bulk and why you should too
  2. How yoga changed the way I run and eat
  3. 10 Struggles when cooking for one person
  4. Cooking and food classes to take for the foodies in Ann Arbor
  5. Non-typical activities for the Ann Arbor foodies
  6. Why you should cook at home more
  7. The essential tools for a college kitchen
  8. You don’t need a label to eat what you want 
  9. What to do with too much fruit that doesn’t involve pie.
  10. Steaming food is going to the new trend, I’m calling it.
  11. How to make any fruit drinks (cocktails) without a recipe

The ones in bold are my favorite ones and actually started working on them. #1 is my full written story.

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