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How Yoga taught me how to breathe and changed the way I run and eat

This story is more lifestyle oriented. I wanted to share how much change I felt after doing only 1 month of yoga regularly. It was more than physical change.


Why/how I started doing yoga + my activity level
What happened during yoga classes and how I felt + changes I started to feel while running
What I started noticing in my body and emotions
Why everyone should at least try doing yoga once.

Non-typical Activities for the Ann Arbor Foodies

This is a guide for activities for foodies that doesn’t involve brunching or enjoying happy hour cocktails.
Basic overview of how Ann Arbor is famous for the restaurants and great eats
Detailed descriptions of the 5 activities I recommend everyone to try at least once along with website links for more information.

The Essential tools for a small college kitchen

This is my guide for a list of essential kitchen tools for students who have to move around a lot. I moved every semester during my four years but still made plenty of food in my kitchen with minimum utensils.
Introduction of my story, background and context of why selecting the right utensils was important for me.
The list will be in two sections; one for people who only cook, the other for bakers.
Each list will have details and reasons why I recommend each of the utensils. I will also have images and links to where to get a good quality one for cheap.

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