About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny. My love for people and food developed within my huge close-knit immigrant Chinese family living in Zambia. The lack of Chinese food sold in Zambia meant that we had to learn to make everything that we wanted to eat. My grandma’s house was the routine weekend family meeting place, hosting anywhere between 10-20 family members, and almost always, we cook, eat, most importantly, fill the kitchen with laughter and chatter. Therefore I became passionate about having the ability to share food with others. Basically, if I’m willing to spend an entire weekend making dessert for you, then you know you are a pretty BIG deal to me.

I am now in my last year of college at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. I have such a strong love hate relationship with this town; I love everything except for the weather. Coming from a savannah climate, wearing 3 layers or more was unknown territory. However, I do like the fact that now I actually have a reason to buy cute scarfs and gloves. Plus, the cold makes turning on the oven an even better idea.

This blog is my first attempt at documenting some of my favorite things. Writing was my biggest nightmare, but I’m working on developing a better relationship between my brain and my fingers.